Law Students & Mehta Legal

undestanding the laws @ Mehta Legal is a different experience.

Internship @ Mehta Legal

Mehta Legal always welcome the law students from well-known Law colleges & universities under their internship program.

@ Mehta Legal, we believe that practical understanding of a law and real experience in Court of Laws will encourage the students to practice the law and therefore, we ask the students to involve in court cases and attend the courts on regular basis rather than sitting in a chamber and reading law books. 

@ Mehta Legal, we encourage the students to express thier views, research and understanding on a court case and reach to any member with open-mindedness.

Student selection for internship is our prerogative but we select a student based upon his/her academic background, interest, past experice of internship and participation in seminars.

Law Students can reach to us by E-mail:


402-404, Shilp-2,
Near Income Tax Circle,
Ashram Rd., Ahmedabad,
Gujarat 380009, India


Email:     Phone: +91 (79) 2754 4067